Wearable FPC flexible circuit board technology new highlights

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Wearable FPC flexible circuit board technology new highlights

January 21
13:06 2022

Wearable devices, which are integrated with various cutting-edge electronic technologies, will be an important driving force of FPC flexible circuit board and even the electronics industry in the next few years. It is expected to dominate the consumer electronics market in the future, which is extremely explosive.

While FPC flexible circuit board has no stiffener material, can be bent, light weight, thin thickness, the use of flexible circuit reduces the number of electronic packaging and interconnection points, reduce the probability of electronic failure, strong stability, so it is very suitable for the requirements of wearable devices.


1layer  Cem-3 Stiffener flexible board

According to German synchrotron electronics research institute’s website reported recently, the agency cooperation with university of Hamburg to develop a suitable for 3 d printing technology, it has opened up the silver nanowire grid electronics as to the possibility of 3 d printing, FPC flexible circuit board, can be embedded in a variety of flexible and transparent plastic, used in the manufacture of transparent and with mechanical flexible electronic circuits.

The researchers developed a process suitable for 3D printing, which can be used to make transparent and mechanically flexible electronic circuits. They used X-ray imaging to examine structures, flexibility and pathways, showing elasticity and highly flexible properties.

With the development of economy and the progress of technology, consumer electronics is growing by leaps and bounds, and wearable devices are also rising rapidly. Advanced products and technologies related to wearable devices will be the focus.

Global advanced technology companies have launched flexible screen cloth products, FPC flexible circuit board occupies an important part. Wearable devices have become an important application field of FPC after smart phones, and will further drive the growth of FPC in the future. After a long period of technology accumulation, FPC flexible circuit boards used in various wearable devices have been successfully produced in large quantities.


1Layer camera module Flexible Board

FPC flexible circuit board is the basis of wearable electronic devices, it covers the organic electronic, plastic electronics, biology, electronics, printing and other fields, its products include RFID, flexible display, flexible OLED display and lighting, soft sensor, pv, flexible logic and storage devices, flexible batteries, wearable devices, electronic skin, etc.

This includes, in particular, the need for medical devices to be as transparent as possible, and flexible transparent circuits that are versatile enough to be used in a wide range of electronic products.


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