The Boon App launches an ever-evolving platform committed to connecting real people in the real world

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The Boon App launches an ever-evolving platform committed to connecting real people in the real world

January 22
00:37 2022
The Boon App is a game-changing platform dedicated to maintaining a safe, welcoming, and hate-free environment where users can feel comfortable exploring their interests and hobbies in the digital and physical world.

The Boon App is out to revolutionize the way people view and expand their social horizons by unveiling an event-driven social network software aimed at connecting real people in the real world. 

“Tears in the social fabric, as well as radicalization, have become some of the biggest threats in the 21st century, which truly prompts the need for a safer means of online engagement and greater social responsibility. That’s where The Boon App comes into the picture,” says Maureese Williams, creator of the app.

The Boon App connects users on the platform and encourages them to explore events and meet new friends in the real world. 

“Our platform is dedicated to connecting people in the real world because, as we’ve come to learn, many of the problems we are faced with today are due to the fracturing of society and recession into echo chambers,” says Maureese.

The Boon App believes social media tech platforms have a responsibility to facilitate healthy and positive online interactions instead of providing echo chambers and products that addict, harm users, and commodify their data.  

Maureese says this is why he is dedicated to creating a design for humans and a kind of platform that many like himself have been seeking. 

With a revolutionary app in place, users can explore events near and far. They can easily discover new events and hobbies while making connections and new friends along the way.

The Boon App allows users to create or discover events, join and chat with others who share their interests. They can also share posts to keep friends in the loop and stay connected.

“Creating an event where individuals belong allows them to cultivate their audience and build a unique event for their pack. They can meet in digital, then connect in the real world,” says Maureese.

With the ability to check events nearby and in an easy navigator, users can better plan their ventures with Boon.

In addition, users can find their community, which means looking for like-minded peers or discovering entirely new interests. Users can check out and support causes that matter to them with the support of the community.  

The Boon App is available for download on the App Store. To get started, users can begin attending events and meeting others looking to expand their networks. They can also create an event centered around their business and gain new customers. Further, they can plan large and small events and gatherings and celebrate any occasion.

The Boon App does not share personal or device data with advertisers or third-party services. It is committed to maintaining a free and healthy environment for all.

Those who want to learn more about The Boon App may visit the website for more information.

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