Dan Sheinman’s fourth novel, Ari and Hila, describes the decline of values in Israel and across the globe

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Dan Sheinman’s fourth novel, Ari and Hila, describes the decline of values in Israel and across the globe

June 15
15:08 2022
Dan Sheinman’s fourth novel, Ari and Hila, describes the decline of values in Israel and across the globe
Cover illustration by internationally renowned artist, Daniella Sheinman

After a 40-year career as one of Israel’s top defense attorneys, Dan Sheinman, has published his fourth book in Hebrew with publishers Kinneret-Zmora-Dvir, Tel Aviv. We are happy to report that Contento Now International Publishers has posted an online interview (in Hebrew) with the author.

Sheinman’s fascinating new novel, Ari and Hila, describes the relationship formed between a widower (Ari) and a widow (Hila) during a severe economic crisis that was especially hard-hitting to Ari. The characters are depicted against a background of family conflicts.

Sheinman (78), says that the legal system in Israel is made up of honest and decent people who just want justice and truth, and criticizes the attempt to damage its name. A veteran lawyer, Sheinman has represented leading public figures in politics and business. He decided to leave the legal profession at the height of his career, passing the baton to two leading Israeli lawyers whom he mentored.

Ari and Hila is Sheinman’s fourth novel, written originally in Hebrew, as were his other books: Open Heart Surgery (2010), Between the Poles (2012) and Attorney for the Defence (2016). But Sheinman feels a unique connection to his latest book, Ari and Hila. Its cover illustration is a painting by the author’s wife, artist Daniella Sheinman, whom he met about 60 years ago.

In his writing, Sheinman combines professional knowledge gained from decades of experience. He describes complex relationships with a soft, sensitive human touch, against the background of the values ​​and principles on which the characters rely. The book, written from a woman’s perspective, opens with a discussion about writing a book, thus opening “the fourth wall” to invite the reader in.

The novel uses characters to represent sides in philosophical discussions of values, economics, family and social dilemmas, challenging readers to read between the lines, and to reconsider views on the topics discussed in the book openly and covertly.

Years ago, during the global economic crisis in 2009, Sheinman wrote a prophetic article warning about phenomena such as loss of boundaries and its expected consequences – now taking place right before our eyes. This article is included as an Appendix to the book.

In preparation for Israel’s Hebrew Book Week now being celebrated with events and sales throughout the country, we at Contento NowInternational Publishing House, interviewed author Dan Sheinman in our digital TV studio. Contento Now’s publisher and CEO Netanel Semrik, asked Sheinman about the most significant and exciting moment in Ari and Hila. Sheinman shared with us in eloquent speech and excited eyes:

“My favorite is the scene in which Ari is in his lawyer’s office, and becomes aware that huge financial claims are threatening his company and him, personally. He faces a major dilemma: should he use legal arguments to separate the company and its shareholders, or dip into his own pocket and pay off the claims?“

The interview unfolds behind the scenes of the book and the writing process, about the differences between today’s materialistic and technological world and the humble and value-based society in which Sheinman lived and grew up in the 1950s. Although the young state and its residents had numerous difficulties at the time, values ​​of modesty and simplicity were dominant. Sheinman explains the loss of the boundaries of the current global climate, as a result of the inability of human society to digest the rapid technological leap and adapt it to a value-based moral and ethical system. He also talks about the loss of human identity and fake news on social media. Despite all the harsh criticism of the loss of boundaries as a result of the new age of the internet, Dan never ceases to be optimistic and to believe in the inner human being.

“I believe in the human spirit,” Sheinman declares, “I look at people today. People I meet, people I talk to, people I teach at the university. You see that they are good, not evil. They want an advanced country, not only in terms of high-tech, but also in terms of values. This is what will be decisive at the end because this is the deep in the DNA of our society. It will change. Human society has a survival instinct, which will lead to the long-awaited correction. We may already be in the midst of the catastrophe that will shake up the world and restore values, as happened post-World War II.” Thus Sheinman summed up his forecast for the world in general and for Israel in particular.

Some of the early reviews:

“Many life dilemmas unfold throughout Dan Sheinman’s new and incredible novel. The plot is breathtaking, and touches the exposed nerves of the changing Israeli society. I was captivated by the personal drama. The hero – a former kibbutznik and a successful industrialist – attempts to preserve the values of justice and equality…in an unbridled capitalist environment.” – Daniel Ben Simon, journalist and author

“On the first, immediate level, Ari and Hila is a touching love story with believable characters, a fascinating plot, skilled and fluent writing…On the second level is Ari’s dilemma, threatening his business, his family’s and his own integrity. The private dilemma reflects a world that has lost its brakes and begs to re-boot.” – Judith Rotem, author

“A sweeping and fascinating human story about the dangerous connection between a family and a business, and a clash between the old economy and the new capitalism.” – Alon Hilu, author

“I read and enjoyed the book. I see the ideological motive throughout.” – Prof. Emeritus Shlomo Ben Ami, historian, diplomat and minister

“A charming Israeli novel about a second chance… I was especially carried away and enjoyed it Invites you too.” – Yifat Arnia, online literature critic

International publisher Netanel Semrik, Contento Now:

In today’s world, with its constant struggle to restore basic values, this book is inspiring and can be a catalyst for solving ailments in our society. I was very happy about the interview experience and the privilege of getting a rare glimpse into the mind of one of our most senior writers and lawyers who rebranded himself by leaving the law office behind.”

Link to the full interview in Hebrew with Dan Sheinman in Contento Now’s e-TV studio: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x0nWIIFBqMY

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