Safe Haven eBehavioral Health, a mental health care game-changer that brings ADHD testing at home

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Safe Haven eBehavioral Health, a mental health care game-changer that brings ADHD testing at home

July 06
03:45 2022
Getting mental healthcare should not be difficult or time-consuming. Safe Haven eBehavioral Health solves this by bringing an innovative platform that offers efficient and convenient mental health care services, including ADHD diagnosis and testing.

Safe Haven eBehavioral Health, a leading US-based virtual mental health clinic, leads the charge in bringing mental health care closer to homes, allowing patients to screen for the condition they think they may have, and offering treatment plans that include medication, therapy, or both.

The mental health clinic, which aims to increase access to effective and efficient mental healthcare from the comfort of homes, specializes in conditions like ADHD, depression, bipolar disorder, and anxiety. 

“As a response to a growing awareness of mental health and the increasing demand for telehealth and improved access to care, ADHD testing and diagnosis services are brought to the fore. That’s where Safe Haven eBehavioral Health comes into the picture. It leads the way in treating and supporting patients in need of assessments or looking for ADHD testing online,” says Giovanni Pierre, a psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioner and the founder of Safe Haven eBehavioral Health.

ADHD or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is one of the most common mental health disorders, often diagnosed in kids and particularly in boys. This mental health disorder can usually present as inattention or distractible type (somebody having a hard time focusing or finishing tasks, for instance), a hyperactive or impulsive type (somebody who constantly feels restless and acts impulsively), or a combination of both.

Safe Haven eBehavioral Health’s ADHD testing uses one of the widest Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-cleared medical devices that provide objective data for diagnosing and treating ADHD for patients ages 6-60. Anyone across the nation can get tested for ADHD through our platform. If medication for ADHD is appropriate, we offer medication management for ADHD, available in these states: Virginia, Florida, Maryland, Delaware, Colorado, and Vermont. If you are not living in these states, that is still okay. We will send you a report of your results that you can show to another provider in your area.

The experts behind virtual mental health clinic also work closely with patients to come up with a treatment plan that works. Once a treatment plan is made, patients can be prescribed medication, and they can pick it up at their local pharmacy. 

Current and non-current clients of Safe Haven eBehavioral Health can request a refill of their medications easily. Medication refills can only be sent to pharmacies in Maryland, Delaware, Colorado, Florida, Virginia, and Vermont.

Giovanni says Safe Haven eBehavioral Health is also for individuals unsure of what they are dealing with. They can start the process of diagnostic evaluation and treatment right away. On the other hand, non-existing clients who need medication refills and emotional support animal letters may turn to Safe Haven eBehavioral Health for support. 

“At my telepsychiatry practice, our mission is to provide effective, efficient, and convenient mental health care services. Together, we work closely with patients toward finding a treatment method that’s right for them,” says Giovanni.

Those who want to book an appointment may visit the Safe Haven eBehavioral Health right away to get started. Others who wish to learn more about the leading virtual mental health clinic may visit the website for more information.

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