College Dropout Turned Millionaire Marketer Jordan Schwann Paying Businesses $25,000 To Lose Money

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College Dropout Turned Millionaire Marketer Jordan Schwann Paying Businesses $25,000 To Lose Money

July 06
23:06 2022
Celebrity Digital Marketer Jordan Schwann Of HighestPaid Exposes Hollywood’s Dirtiest Little Secrets They Keep Hidden From Coaches, Consultants, & Service Businesses

Over the pandemic, even business giants like Apple, Spotify, and Netflix took a hit.

Losing money is never good for business. But what if someone was crazy enough to pay a business to lose money?

And not just pay a little, but pay a whole years salary in 1 paycheck?

Jordan Schwann from HighestPaid® is that crazy man.


He tells us “Most agency owners don’t even have a backbone anymore. They don’t even take responsibility for the success of their client. And expect to sign clients without giving them basic guarantees of results. I’m tired of the lazy attitude, and want to finally give service businesses an offer from an agency that puts it all on the line. An agency that doesn’t get paid unless they get results

Mr. Schwann offers the wild, new guarantee of doubling a businesses monthly revenue in 30-60 days – and if not – he’ll pay businesses $25,000 just for trying.

Jordan has been doing the same for Hollywood celebrities, influencers, & world leaders for years now. But since being recently released from his prior contracts – he’s finally broken out of the ‘Hollywood bubble’, after nearly half a decade imprisoned.

Now he’s out. His goal is to expose the secrets celebrities & large corporations use – to generate massive wealth and attract clients fast. Secrets they keep away from the general public.

Schwann tells us “We give our clients, usually coaches, consultants, and service businesses, something we call the ‘unlosable bet.’ If my team and I weren’t that confident in our abilities, we would never make that offer in the first place.”

It’s already confusing enough out there. Today with online business there’s so many “gurus” telling business owners how to get clients – chatbots, cold emails & DMs, webinars, and sadly, dancing on TikTok.

Jordan is a ‘sales machine’ and has been in the trenches for years in every area of sales.

From getting the cops called on him selling door-to-door, to being verbally abused cold calling.

Sources say he’s recognized for his results in marketing & sales: emails, webinars, funnels, DMs, content creation, copywriting, video sales letters, instagram, youtube, tiktok – name it, he’s made money doing it, especially for his very wealthy clients.

“We leave service businesses to do what they do best – give the best service possible for their clients – and we do the same. These usually become the most profitable partnerships, in my experience.”

Jordan has just revealed all the million dollar, celebrity, marketing secrets in a new, yet controversial premium report titled “10 Commandments of Broke Coaching, Consulting, & Service Businesses”. He says is free for a limited time. It can be found here at

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