SYG Law Firm Explains Four Categories of Immigration Status in the U.S.

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SYG Law Firm Explains Four Categories of Immigration Status in the U.S.

July 07
04:24 2022
SYG Law Firm Explains Four Categories of Immigration Status in the U.S.
SYG Law Firm is a reliable immigration law firm in Temecula, CA. In a recent update, the law firm explained four categories of immigration status in the U.S.

Temecula, CA – In a website post, SYG Law Firm explained four categories of immigration status in the U.S.

The SYG Law Firm team started by mentioning that U.S. citizens are one of the immigration statuses. This is a group of people born in the U.S., those that naturalized by staying in the U.S. for three to five years as permanent residents, or those that acquired or derived citizenship in some other way. These people can work and receive public benefits and can even petition the legal status of their spouses, children, or siblings. 

Additionally, the team went ahead to say that permanent or conditional residency is another immigration status. These are two groups; legal permanent residents and conditional residents. The team explained that legal permanent residents have green cards, meaning they have been granted authorization to permanently live and work in the U.S. 

Most individuals become permanent residents through sponsorship by their family members or employers in the United States. Others apply through asylee or refugee status.

SYG Law Firm, Inc. continued to explain conditional residents by saying these are people who have been married for less than two years before receiving their green cards. In this type of residency, the married couple should jointly file to remove the condition within the 2 years of receiving the green card, or else they can face deportation after the 2 years. A good immigration lawyer Temecula can help these people navigate the process and get permanent or temporary residency. The team emphasized that both legal permanent, and conditional residents have the right to work and live in the US.

The team also said that there are non-immigrants in the US. They explained that these are people in the U.S. legally but on a temporary basis. They include business visitors or tourists, fiancées, students, and individuals granted temporary protected status. But if they overstay or their visa applications were fraudulent, they become undocumented immigrants and risk deportation.

The law firm concluded by explaining undocumented immigration status. These are individuals living in the U.S. illegally. It means that they are not authorized to live and work in the US. They run the risk of being deported, and that can make their lives unstable. However, they can work with a reliable immigration law firm to help them resolve their immigration status and start living in the US comfortably like other citizens.

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