Loans-io is Helping Mortgage Loan Officers Thrive Using TikTok Ads

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Loans-io is Helping Mortgage Loan Officers Thrive Using TikTok Ads

July 07
04:27 2022
TikTok Ads for Mortgage Loan Officers

In this housing market, it is more important than ever for mortgage loan officers to be resourceful and creative. Loan officers all over the country are scrambling, trying to figure out how to navigate this market where interest rates have had their fastest increase in decades. Refinance deals are nearly non existent in a market like this, so MLO’s everywhere are trying to figure out what to do.

There are really two main options. The first, is to go and try to form as many real estate agent connections as you can. The problem with this is that every single mortgage loan officer is doing the exact same thing. And not only that, real estate agents are suffering too.

That brings us to the second option, for loan officers to take their marketing into their own hands. This way, mortgage loan officers can reliably get leads that are intending to purchase a home. This is what a lot of the more experienced and successful loan officers are doing.

But there’s still a problem with paying for marketing, and that is it’s expensive. Not only is it expensive, in this market where interest rates are killing affordability and homes are higher than ever, it’s harder to get a prospect who qualifies for a mortgage. Then, if you take into account the limited inventory, even if you have someone that is approved, it could be months if not a year or more before they finally get into their home.

Loans-io, a marketing agency who specializes solely on marketing for mortgage loan officers, is making a huge name for themselves for getting mortgage loan officers results, when they otherwise weren’t able to.

Loans-io has a system that allows them to get highly qualified mortgage leads at a low cost using TikTok ads. They were the first to use TikTok ads for mortgage loan officers, and have since spent tens of thousands of dollars in nearly every market in the U.S. They’ve tested, and continue to test, to get dial in their results even more.

Not only does Loans-io generate a massive amount of mortgage leads for mortgage loan officers, they help convert as many as those into closed loans as possible. They do this by having an in-house team call leads as they come in, and book them straight to the MLO’s calendars. In addition, they’ve made strategic partnerships with companies that get people loan ready in an average of 6-8 months.

Not only is Loans-io helping loan officers survive this market, they’re helping them thrive. And in the next year or so, mortgage loan officers all around the country are going to be switching careers. There’s only going to be a small percentage that are able to survive in the industry. Those who survive, will be in a position to be a top producer going forward.

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