ICB Crypto Services: a Decentralized Currency Exchange Platform

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ICB Crypto Services: a Decentralized Currency Exchange Platform

July 07
04:54 2022
Protect cryptocurrency investments and trade markets with a layered blockchain network architecture

July 7, 2022 – ICB Crypto Service uses three differing layers in its architecture to decentralize the entire exchange platform: storage, core, and application. The core… The storage layer and the kernel work together, planing and managing the whole network and exchange system. These mainly communicate through Java integrated with other programming languages like Python. The application layer is the most superficial of the ICB network, used to build decentralized applications and personalized wallets…

Nodes in ICB Crypto Services’ network are defined by specific tasks. The main nodes of the control nodes are senior representatives, known as full SR nodes or the Senior Regional Representative. These main nodes are responsible for approving transactions and building blocks. ICB Crypto Services’ unique algorithm is designed to prove the contribution of these nodes.

The second node of the network is the full node, which transmits transactions. Finally, Ninety Solidity is the recipient of API queries and synchronization of definitive blocks. All of these nodes only have the role of inquiring and confirming transactions. Per recent news, thanks to newly developed blockchain strategy, there emerges a more attractive network.

About ICB Crypto Services

Founded in 2001 to help the investor [succeed] in all finance markets, ICB Crypto Services offers rewards to investors just for storing supported cryptocurrency assets. Contact to learn more about trading cryptocurrency in a specialized network.

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