Cold Calling Statistics Every Sales Representative Should Know As Discussed by

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Cold Calling Statistics Every Sales Representative Should Know As Discussed by

November 30
01:41 2022
Cold Calling Statistics Every Sales Representative Should Know As Discussed by

Many businesses no longer use cold calling to reach out to prospective customers. Should they give up on using this technique to generate new leads? Actually, cold calling remains an effective way to bring in new business. Is Everything You Were Taught About Cold Calling Wrong?: How To Cold Call is something every business should be aware of as a means of drawing in new clients. 

Basic Information

According to, it could take up to eight cold calls to reach a prospect. However, a business should not give up on making these calls, as companies that do so experience significantly less growth than those companies that continue to use this technique. When a business makes cold calls, it is proactive and working to make things happen.

In addition, 82 percent of consumers have agreed to a meeting with a business following a cold call. This doesn’t mean a business should expect every consumer to accept its cold calls. The average salesperson makes 33 calls a day. 

Knowing Who to Call

The key to successful cold calling lies in knowing who to call. Start with a prioritized list of contacts to improve the odds of connecting with a caller. This provides the sales representative with the motivation to begin making calls and connecting with customers. In fact, when a representative has a way to prioritize the leads they are given, they increase their contact attempts by almost 50 percent. Furthermore, their discussion time goes up by 88 percent. In addition, research shows a person can increase their conversion rate by 70 percent simply by making a few more call attempts. 

Understanding What to Say

When making a cold call using something like PhoneBurner, the sales representative needs to know what to say when someone answers. They only have five to ten minutes to convince the person on the other end of the phone to agree to a meeting. Most calls that reach this stage take 7.5 minutes on average. However, the tone of the caller’s voice plays a role in whether the consumer agrees to this meeting. 

Research shows the best way to convince a person to meet with a sales representative is to show them the value of doing so. Ask them what problems they are experiencing and explain how the product or service being offered is the solution they have been looking for. Use “we” statements when talking to the prospect to improve the conversion rate, and avoid using words such as contract and free trial.

In addition, don’t oversell the company. Repeatedly saying the company name actually drives the conversion rate down. Try to avoid doing so too many times. If possible, mention a common connection, as this increases the likelihood of the prospect agreeing to a meeting significantly. 

Cold calls have their place in a company’s marketing plan. However, a person should learn how to make these calls effectively before they ever pick up the phone. Individuals who do so have a higher success rate, which will encourage them to expand their skills more. Work with sales representatives on how to cold call successfully and watch conversion rates increase significantly. Everyone benefits when this is the case.


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