Angelucci Jewelry introduces its line of customizable lab-grown diamond rings.

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Angelucci Jewelry introduces its line of customizable lab-grown diamond rings.

February 16
19:06 2023
Angelucci Jewelry offers a wide selection of the finest lab-grown diamond rings, including Oval, Emerald, Round, Ascher, Pear, Princess, and Cushion cuts. The rings are crafted with the highest quality materials and designed to fit a unique style. Customers will find the perfect ring that meets their taste.

Angelucci Jewelry, a renowned private jeweler, offers a collection of custom lab-grown diamond rings. This collection is a sustainable and affordable alternative to traditionally mined diamonds while maintaining the same beauty and brilliance.

Lab-grown diamonds are famous for being affordable, environmentally friendly, and created using modern technology that doesn’t harm the earth. Also, they are just as beautiful and brilliant as traditional diamonds, making them an excellent choice for anyone looking for a stunning piece of jewelry.

Lab-grown Diamond Rings available at Angelucci Jewelry

–  Oval Shape Lab-grown Diamond Rings: They are classic, timeless, and more affordable than round diamonds. Oval cut diamonds are also very versatile, as they can be set in various styles and settings.

–  Emerald Shape Lab-grown Diamond Rings: Another classic diamond cut perfect for a lab-grown diamond ring. They are rectangular with stunning, clean lines. They are famous for those looking for a more unique and elegant diamond ring. 

–  Round Brilliant Lab-grown Diamond Rings: Round brilliant diamonds are the most popular diamond cut for engagement rings. They offer a timeless and classic look, and their circular shape creates a stunning display of brilliance and fire. 

–  Asscher Cut Lab-grown Diamond Rings: Asscher cut diamonds are a unique and modern diamond cut that’s perfect for a lab-grown diamond ring. They are square, with cut corners, and they offer a stunning display of brilliance and fire. Asscher cut diamonds are an excellent choice for a more contemporary and stylish diamond ring.

–  Pear Cut Lab-grown Diamond Rings: They are a beautiful and elegant diamond cut perfect for a lab-grown diamond ring. They are characterized by their teardrop shape and their stunning, clean lines. 

“I was introduced to Pasquale through a good friend while looking for an engagement ring. I will say Pasquale was professional and trustworthy. The process was easy. Pasquale could custom-make a ring I wanted for my fiancé, all from scratch. His professionalism and trust were what sold me on going with him. I will recommend him to anyone who needs jewelry. Thank you, Pasquale.” – Justin P.

“Effortless and quick ordering. Very quick delivery! It took two days to get my item. I had a question before checking out. Pasquale answered immediately, and I could place the order at night. He even emailed me after the order to thank me for the order. I knew when it was shipped and got the tracking information. And right when it was delivered today, he sent a message saying that it was delivered. Now, that is what I call excellent customer service. Highly, highly recommend it.” – Dienna S.

Angelucci Jewelry is dedicated to providing customers with a unique and personalized shopping experience, and their custom lab-grown diamond rings are no exception. With a team of experienced private jewelers, Angelucci Jewelry offers customers the opportunity to create a one-of-a-kind ring that is truly special and tailored to their style and taste.

About Angelucci Jewelry

Angelucci Jewelry is a private jeweler specializing in custom engagement rings. Angelucci Jewelry focuses on sustainability and affordability and offers a wide selection of lab-grown diamond rings and a range of other custom jewelry options.

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