Fari on a Mission to Help Content Creators, Turn Views Into Dollars

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Fari on a Mission to Help Content Creators, Turn Views Into Dollars

February 20
19:54 2023
Fari is a subscription-based service designed to empower content creators, whether they are short film creators, animators, vloggers, or web series creators with streamlined tools for content monetization while profiting 100%!

Creating original content is a mountain of work. Whether it be writing, directing, producing, or acting, in a comedy skit, a short movie, or a social media clip, creative individuals invest tremendous amounts of time into bringing entertainment to their audiences. 

Fari is a rapidly-growing subscription based service designed to help content creators bring their content in front of large audiences and fully monetize their content. 

The majority of trendy streaming platforms and social media sites either stifle creators with various monetization restrictions or take a large chunk of their profits. YouTube and Spotify, for instance, leave roughly 70% to creators and artists, but only after a certain threshold has been reached. 

Fari was built to make a difference. This platform allows creators to keep 100% of their profits while enabling them to list their work however they choose. 

Separate categories for free and pay to view content are available on the Fari platform, empowering creatives with more flexible options when it comes to launching their content. 

Fari’s spokesperson described the platform as a rapidly-growing social media site where creatively-minded individuals have an opportunity to monetize their content or list free-access works for additional exposure, stating the following:

“Fari is a platform for content creators and fans who enjoy the work of independent creatives and want to support them. Fari allows creators to earn and be directly supported by followers while keeping 100% of their profit. Creators list their content free of charge or set a price of their choosing, which their supporters get to enjoy,” the company’s spokesperson said. 

Signing up and uploading free content on Fari is free while users who want to apply a pay wall to certain (or all) content can do so by registering as a vendor on the platform. The cost of Fari’s monthly subscription is $18.99 per month, but the platform is offering a 60-day free trial for all new users who onboard as a vendor in the month of February 2023. The usual fees will be waived for the first two months upon completing vendor registration onboarding. 

Fari’s spokesperson continued, imparting that Fari strives to empower creatives with the ability to freely determine the price of access to their content. Unlike contemporary alternatives, this platform does not impose any limitations, restrictions, or obligations on content creators and provides them with the freedom they need to flourish as individuals and expand their businesses:

“With Fari, creators have the opportunity to truly capitalize on their content. Here, creators get an opportunity to profit off of their creative work without splitting any profits and get to determine their content’s value. The upside for those who support creatives, is that they only would have to pay for content they wantto see, and only support those they want to directly and not be subject to monthly subscription plans,” said Fari’s spokesperson.

The Fari subscription-based service is rapidly expanding and embracing thousands of new creators and their followers daily. Fans and enjoyers of quality entertainment are welcome to a budding community of people bringing joy and laughter to the world.

Sign up to Fari today on the company’s official website.

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