The Bachelor and Bachelorette Cast – Where Are They Now?

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The Bachelor and Bachelorette Cast – Where Are They Now?

February 21
11:15 2023
Meet Diogo Custodio, a popular influencer, who beat all odds to overcome personal challenges and realized his goals.

LAKE TAHOE, CA, USA – Diogo Custodio, a former contestant on Season 9 of “The Bachelorette,” is a prime example of perseverance and hard work. Born and raised in Brazil, Diogo’s humble beginnings and childhood struggles with poverty, bullying, depression, and obesity could not deter him to unleash his full potential and achieve fame and popularity. Today, he is a popular social media influencer with fans and followers around the world. Diogo is full of energy and a positive attitude and loves to live his life to the fullest.

“Life has thrown multiple challenges at me. Throughout the difficult time of dealing with deep depression, I’ve learned about mindfulness and how being aware of our thoughts can change our lives. I realized I needed to take back control of my life if I wanted to accomplish something in life. That is when I set out to transform myself and there was no looking back after that,” says Diogo. “I want to show the world that despite your personal setbacks and challenges, your dreams are real if you just push through it to make it happen.”

Participating in “The Bachelorette” in 2013 was the turning point of Diogo’s life. The show provided him with the exposure and platform to share his story and inspire others to overcome their obstacles. “The Bachelorette” played a crucial role in helping Diogo heal his past traumas and emerge as a strong and courageous person. His life turned 180 degrees and he began to build his life with a purpose. Diogo credits the show for helping him achieve his current level of success.

“Once I realized my potential, I have never really liked the idea of settling down for an average life full of regrets. You’ve got to live only once, so why not live with a positive disposition,” remarks Diogo. “Now, I thrive on challenges. For me, life is about doing what you love to do. I don’t just want to be successful and famous. Rather, I want to create a legacy.”

Diogo has shown that one can achieve anything in life if they set their mind to it. He wants to motivate people to come out of their shells and follow their ambitions with passion. He strongly believes that determination and perseverance are game-changers for anyone looking to make it big in life. He always thinks out of the box and constantly brainstorms ideas to help others achieve their dreams.

“Many people with troubled childhood lose all hope and purpose and resign themselves to live a life of mediocrity. They do not realize that there is so much life has to offer,” says Diogo. “I’d like to use the power of social media and connect with them and show them what they are capable of when they start believing in themselves.”

Diogo left Brazil with a dream and conquered the world. With a master’s degree and a Ph.D. in business achieved in Europe and in the USA with scholarships, Diogo continues to achieve new milestones. He is now a successful international business consultant, internet influencer, entrepreneur, and model. He is also a member of the executive team for a ski resort in Lake Tahoe. He is a philanthropist and keeps giving back to those in need.

He is a firm believer in the power of positive thinking and encourages others to focus on their passions, interests, and talents. He travels the world as a motivational speaker, sharing his story and inspiring others to pursue their dreams.

Sharing the secrets to his success, Diogo said, “Dream big. Keep working towards your goal. Take baby steps if needed, but keep moving. Never lose sight of the big picture. Have confidence in your ability to execute. And you will slowly but surely get there.”

For more information or to connect with Diogo, send an email or reach out via his social media profile.


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