“Stuck Is NOT Your Story: I Overcame and Am Victorious” By Noreen N. Henry

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“Stuck Is NOT Your Story: I Overcame and Am Victorious” By Noreen N. Henry

February 21
11:30 2023

This book is an inspiration for all the women who suffered from trauma and faced a lot of difficulties in life to be empowered from all the author’s life experiences and thought-provoking lessons.

“Stuck Is NOT Your Story: I Overcame and Am Victorious” is a compilation of stories and testimonies from various life situations. This motivational and transformational book gives hope and courage to face life’s difficulties optimistically and positively. It includes the stories of vulnerable women that were in crucial phases of their lives to overcome traumatic moments. These traumatic events could have led to major stress and detrimental consequences. However, these women are victorious and overcame the challenging moments with great faith.

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Noreen N. Henry, the visionary of Stuck Is NOT Your Story: I Overcame and Am Victorious, is a successful and courageous woman with the power to change the world’s point of view with her knowledge, wisdom, and overstanding. Noreen has penned down trauma in women’s lives that is thought impossible to overcome. The brokenness and feeling of being stuck in a situation where nobody is present to hold a woman’s hand and take her out from that traumatizing moment is monumental. These moments are presented and penned down so pleasingly that it makes women emotionally engaged, yet showing how to overcome them also empowers such women.

Noreen is a woman who has achieved a victorious life after rising above many stuck situations and going around the same mountains for years which has made her even stronger. The desire to walk in her purpose and change the world pleases her, and it is reflected through her knowledge and wisdom that are put into words.

In this book, Stuck Is NOT Your Story: I Overcame and Am Victorious, the authors have addressed different traumas found in walks of life, and the writings highlight the hope of surviving through the stuck phases of life. The selection of words are so appealing that it brings new hope to life. The words hint at all the lost women to roar back at life and grow courageous and bold. This Book is a perfect choice for all women seeking a new ray of hope, inspiration, and change in their lives.

The visionary author is a trainer, coach, international speaker, and a victorious passionate woman renowned for her outstanding efforts in transforming women’s stuck circumstances from defeat to victory. Also, she founded a company named Victorious Living Culture, where her products and services help many women stuck in a challenging situation turn into triumph.

About Us:

Victorious Living Culture was created to help women that are stuck in difficult situations to give them hope that change is impossible. The Company introduces several courses to help change the course of women’s lives. The visionary, Noreen N. Henry, aims to open new doors of positivity and optimism in women so they can easily face life’s challenges with faith, boldness, confidence, courage, and determination.

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