Diet App Concept Reinvented by Behavior Analyst: No Weigh App Releases Soon

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Diet App Concept Reinvented by Behavior Analyst: No Weigh App Releases Soon

February 24
23:51 2023
Diet App Concept Reinvented by Behavior Analyst: No Weigh App Releases Soon
Weight loss app users finally have an alternative to restriction diets

Counting, tracking, weighing, willpower- weight loss apps are all the same, until now. “I had a baby and wanted to feel like myself again. I tried to get back on my old diet app, but I just couldn’t do it.” Like many others, Valerie Evans, Ph.D. was sick of her tired weight loss apps. “It had me constantly on my phone, counting and budgeting – obsessing over food and feeling anxious about eating. I couldn’t put up with that in my life anymore.” Like most diet app users, this wasn’t Valerie’s first time starting over with the tiresome food logging and discouraging weigh-ins. The difference is that Dr. Evans is a behavior analyst and she knows better. “With all my training on motivation, habit reversal, and the psychology of change, I knew there had to be a better way to approach this.”

The better way is No Weigh, a behavior analysis approach to weight loss. “It quickly became clear that diet apps were marketing themselves as a behavioral approach to weight loss but were really just some pop psychology paired with the same old restriction diet.” Instead, Valerie built a weight loss app around every person’s natural desire to live a daily life consistent with their values. “When people get out of their own way, they are able to feel more authentic, more like themselves. Then they are no longer cornered by their own habits.

”No weighing. No logging. No rules. Those things are unsophisticated. They seem like a solution for losing weight but really perpetuate the actual problem – a disconnection between people and their bodies.” Valerie goes on to explain that habit reversal is really a misnomer – it’s more like habit shaping. When we have a habit that is unhelpful, we can adjust it so that it helps us in our daily life, rather than work against us. “If you fight a habit with willpower the habit is going to win every time.” No Weigh users also discover a new way of understanding motivation. Rather than describe it as willpower, motivation is understood as an outcome of thoughtful arrangements of the contexts of our daily lives. “The first step of No Weigh is recognizing the rules we live by, and then breaking them. You don’t break them for good, like a resolution or promise- this is a trap people tend to fall in. Rather, rules and habits can be thought of like a trampoline – the more we jump, the harder it is to stop. When we break a rule just once we skip a jump on the habit trampoline, weakening its power and allowing us more control.”

No Weigh will be available in the app stores this April.

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