How Hermann Kreimann Grew His Robotics Company and Educates Students in California

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How Hermann Kreimann Grew His Robotics Company and Educates Students in California

April 30
20:19 2021

Hermann Kreimann, a California tech entrepreneur is educating students in California and teaching the importance of STEM in the education system.

Kreimann believes students should have early access to robotics and technology, and that these programs should be taught in schools as early as kindergarten.

Kreimann runs his own robotics educating company, teaching students across California about robotics, how to build them and even how to pit them against each other in competitions.

Hermann Kreimann is more than just an entrepreneur. He is also a military veteran. A former sergeant who specialized in joint node network management, Kreimann has what it takes to make robotics and technological education more accessible to students in California.

“I think all elementary schools should have some sort of technology teacher that runs classes daily for students to attend,” says Kreimann.

With this core idea and the willingness to make access to robotics education accessible students regardless of their financial situation, Kreimann was able to build his robotics business from the ground up over the past five years.

So how did Hermann Kreimann build his robotics business in California and keep it running during uncertain times, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic?

“I mean, we blew up pretty quickly,” says Kreimann. “All we did was go with the flow, I guess I can say.”

Kreimann says his company started out by doing everything under the umbrella of STEM, which is science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

At the beginning, his company focused on everything from art projects all the way to high tech coding like video games.

After some time, Kreimann decided to begin taking a closer look at which programs were the most popular and received the most interest. At that time, Kreimann’s son also found out about robotics programs. This inspired Kreimann to focus on robotics as a differentiator, and to teach it in schools.

“I realized that youth sports programs are always successful,” says Kreimann. “So, why don’t we just tailor our robotics programs into a youth sports program.”

“I know parents when they’re part of sports programs or sports leagues that they want to be part of a winning team,” says Kreimann. “That’s why we worked really hard and started getting some victories and winning tournaments.”

When Kreimann and his robotics team began winning tournaments, they also began advertising it, and interest grew like wildfire.

“Once you have a success story, everyone wants to be part of it.”

“We basically took the youth sports model and built a robotics league in our area, and that’s how we built what we have today,” says Kreimann.

Kreimann says that robotics helps a lot of kids. It helps them feel a sense of accomplishment and allows them to represent their schools in competitions.

His family commits to providing free programs to less fortunate students and discounts to lower-income families.

Hermann Kreimann has also set up a non-profit organization called E4K Foundation Inc. to help students who need financial assistance in learning.

“I never want us to turn away a student who wants to learn but is unable to do so because of financial reasons”.

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