How technology is helping to find employees

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How technology is helping to find employees

May 04
19:45 2021

The global development of IT technologies is reflected in the speed of business development. The purpose of the study is to analyze the current technology of personnel selection in the company.

In large companies, the problem with staffing is that among the thousands of job seekers you have to choose the best. Now imagine a candidate funnel where recruiters lead everyone manually. Painfully? Highly. Almost all large companies face a similar situation. In this article, we will consider the problem of recruiting and an innovative solution from the service

Using resources wisely: time and money

Using digital in recruiting is not a luxury, but an opportunity to gain time and money. And if it is automated, then the saving of human resources is even greater, but the main thing is that it is without loss of quality.

Agree that finding, selecting and attracting job seekers is not an easy task. Finding the “perfect” open source applicant in your company takes a lot of your HR time, effort, and resources. But let’s calculate how much it will cost you to hire “on your own”. The total cost of recruiting an employee is formed from direct and indirect recruiting costs.

Direct costs include:

• The cost of placing advertisements about an open vacancy;

• The cost of access to databases of sites for recruiting.

Indirect costs include:

• The cost of labor market research.

• The cost of time spent on the approval and discussion of the vacancy.

As a result, the full cost of hiring a specialist can cost a manager a pretty penny.

And if we are talking about a large company, where you need to find not 1-5 employees, but several dozen? Here, and the recruiting agency will have to try. The best and optimal option for such cases will be the use of Digital-Recruiting on the example of

How our recruiting automation works

We see how HR employees from different companies guide all job seekers from start to finish in the same scenario. The recruiter will interview each candidate. He asks a lot of questions that often do not help in any way in the selection of personnel – they do not profile a person. At some point HR gets tired (or deadlines come up). They hire a mediocre employee (the best of the worst), suffer with him, and after 2-3 months they are fired and spend time looking for a new person.

For example, how it is implemented at

1. Create your vacancy. Write the questions that the candidate should answer. Set a time limit for answering one question

2. Send the link to the candidate with questions for each of which he will answer in video format. And will send it to you.

3. Watch video answers and hire the best employee. The simplest steps. You can view the answers of each candidate at any convenient time. No timing and no unnecessary chatter.

There are few qualified candidates

Any hr-specialist will tell you with full confidence that there is a shortage of qualified personnel in the labor market. Self-recruiting will take a lot of time, especially when you need to fill a vacancy for a narrow specialist.

Most companies do not have the necessary resources to close such positions. The recruiting strategy is different here. We need hunting, complex negotiations with candidates, a database of resumes of great specialists.

The question arises, does the company have an additional resource? As a rule, no.

Work in two clicks

Less than a third of job seekers today post their vacancies on job search sites. Therefore, recruiters have expanded the audience with which to build relationships. Moreover, communication with candidates should now take place in a different format and according to different rules. And most importantly, neither one nor the other has time and resources.

Thus, a pool of specialists is formed from which it will be possible to choose the right one when it is necessary and in any conditions.

Moreover, it works as a plus for both the recruiter and the applicant. Agree that it is much more comfortable and less stressful at home or in another convenient place for you to record a video with clearly posed questions and time-limited ones (which will not allow the answers to turn into long monologues). Click the send button and that’s it. In a world of tremendous change and uncertainty, there is always something new that will benefit some and make things easier for others. – video interview service that speeds up your hiring by four times!

Let’s make hiring simple 🙂

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