Aprender Ingles Americano Develops a New Method for Improving English Fluency

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Aprender Ingles Americano Develops a New Method for Improving English Fluency

July 06
03:18 2022
The Fluency Block method enables students to understand spoken English and reach fluency in under six months.

Aprender Ingles Americano (AIA) is breaking the mold of traditional English teaching methods with Fluency Blocks. This methodology focuses on learning the “blocks” or specific chunks of the English language commonly used in daily life, enabling students to understand English faster and communicate more naturally in just under six months.

According to Cody Bouscaren, the founder of AIA and the creative mind behind the Fluency Block method, memorizing grammar rules doesn’t make sense in a language that follows few rules and where exceptions are the norm. Many students have spent years or even decades learning grammar and still end up unable to communicate in English because traditional methods do not give them the skills they need to use the language in real-life situations. It’s common for English language learners to be able to read and write but not communicate verbally.

Fluency Blocks removes tedious grammar memorization and replaces it with proven tips and techniques for fluent exchanges with other English speakers. Over the past seven years, Cody has compiled and refined the most common fluency building blocks used in English conversation to help students communicate with anyone using the words and grammar they already know. Moreover, this method can also apply to speech, and helps students sound more natural when speaking English. No more weird pauses or awkward conversations because of mispronounced or muddled words.

Cody offers a very hands-on approach in his teaching. Students are guided through each step, from beginner to advanced, training them to become confident and fluent English speakers. Currently, he focuses on helping Spanish speakers understand real-life conversations in English and reach fluency quickly.

Growing up in a Latino community in California opened his eyes to the opportunities brought by knowing how to speak English. His goal is to support millions of Latinos in their English language journey, so they can leverage what they learned to improve their lives.

Cody says, “I understand the struggles of learning a language and the life-changing opportunities that come once you reach fluency.” Through his Fast Fluidez course and Fluency Blocks, he aims to make learning English fun and as simple as possible.

AIA has a comprehensive course for beginners offered completely free on Youtube. It comes with a free eBook and audio training. Its YouTube platform currently has 1.67 million subscribers, while its Instagram page has over 300k followers.

Learn more about Aprender Ingles Americano’s English courses here: https://www.aprenderinglesamericano.com/.

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