Tabcorp launches new hash guessing gameplay to inject new vitality into football market

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Tabcorp launches new hash guessing gameplay to inject new vitality into football market

September 29
22:03 2022

The global sports entertainment industry is worth between $700 billion and $1 trillion annually, with 70 percent of that coming from football. In recent decades, one of the biggest changes in football guessing field is the combination of the Internet. Fans from all over the world can complete the whole process just online, they can enjoy the game and obtain additional income without leaving home while enjoying the exciting and exciting game scenes. This attraction keeps the global football guessing market expanding. According to research and analysis by Research&Markets, an international market research institution, the global football guessing market will grow by USD 144.44 billion between 2020 and 2024.

In the traditional football guessing gameplay, it is generally based on guessing the score. This kind of guessing mode has high requirements for players, which must not only be proficient in professional football knowledge, but also know the strengths of both sides of the game and should be someway lucky. Even so, by adjusting the rules of the game, the team will firmly control the outcome of the game, and it is difficult for players to obtain stable income.

Founded in the Victorian era in 1961 and with more than 60 years of history and experience, Tabcorp is one of the world’s largest football industry companies and an industry leader in football industry. Tabcorp Pro, a new brand launched by the company, relies on the experience of Tabcorp and major sports companies with tens of millions of games and core league data, and can provide customers with unique ways to play through Tabcorp’s data structuring team and advanced intelligent tournament data analysis system. Compared with the traditional football Guessing Game, which requires the correct score to be rewarded, Tabcorp is the opposite, as long as the incorrect score is within the range given by the platform, the reward can be obtained. Generally speaking, the score given by the platform may reach as many as 18 results. As long as the user does not guess one of the actual results, they can make a profit.

In addition, the platform is also the first in the world to launch a capital preservation plan in conjunction with a well-known American private equity firm. It’s hard for any player to get the right results on a sporting event, but it’s easy to get the wrong result. Tabcorp Pro even has a full payout from Equity. The threshold of the Tabcorp Pro platform is extremely low. All players, whether they are football lovers or not, whether they know the game team or not, can participate in it. The simple and convenient user interface, combined with the clear mode, can make anyone without financial education People with any background or experience, including professionals of any background, female housewives, retirees, can enjoy and benefit from the football industry with Tabcorp Pro.

The football industry is a huge and growing global industry, but the traditional guessing game has no new ideas, and a large number of users are looking for new ways to play. Tabcorp Pro is a new type of guessing game that is the natural result of market development, with very low risk, stable revenue and no professional requirements for users, which can both gain the favor of new users and attract the attention of old users. Tabcorp Pro is bound to bring a new dynamic to the soccer market.

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