6 Ways To Make The Dog More Independent

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6 Ways To Make The Dog More Independent

October 06
13:25 2022

Dogs pay toe into your home, but they soon take place in your heart too. Bringing home a dog involves caring for and nurturing another living being. With all the love and joy comes separation anxiety and the conscious effort to make your dog more independent. If you are a new dog parent wondering how you can make your furry friend independent, here are six useful tips to follow.

Invest In A Dog Kennel

Dogs love outdoor time and enjoy exploring their environment by running, jumping climbing and more. This also leads them to be more independent and confident. A great way to facilitate this is by investing in a dog kennel. A kennel gives dogs a place they can call home within your home. It also enables them to spend more time outdoors and soak in the sun, helping them be more active, energetic and healthy. While you may avoid several things as the average cost of pet care is high in 2022, a kennel is something you must not avoid at any cost. Choose a kennel that suits your dog’s personality and temperament. A must-have feature is an ample ventilation so your dog always has access to fresh and clean air. Insulation is necessary if you live in extreme weather conditions. Additionally, a kennel must be able to support your dog all through his adult size. After all, it is not every day that we buy a kennel, are we? For kennels of various designs and sizes suiting different dog breeds, head to my dog supplies. These kennels are top-quality products that are built to last.

Get home interactive toys

While it is great to have toys that involve both you and your pet such as a ball, stuffed toys etc., it is also important to invest in toys that encourage independent play. Puzzle toys, seek-a-treat toys, squeaky rats/cats, water play and sand play are some of the many activities your dog can indulge in on their own with period supervision from your end. This helps dogs realize that they can entertain themselves and enjoy their own company without having you around them all the time.


Practice Independence & Obedience Training From Day One

Obedience training has several benefits for your dog’s confidence, social skills, temperament and relationship with him. Practice independence training as soon as your dog settles into his new home with you. Simple actions such as bringing the ball, refraining from chewing something or toilet training can make your furry friend a well-rounded and independent dog. Reward-based training can also be practised where you give your dog a treat for a job well done. Ensure to use plenty of positive reinforcement to give your furry friend a positive mindset and make him more confident of his capabilities.

Provide a Safe Space

Being hurt, abandoned, lost or scared can be detrimental to a dog’s natural confidence and independence. Ensure your dog has the right prepared environment to be independent by creating a safe space for him in and around your home. Eliminate any hazardous objects that can hurt or poke your dog. Close off the kitchen lest your dog tends to fiddle with things that can hurt him. Set up a high fence around your home to keep other animals away. Put away chemicals, stationery, cutlery or anything that can hurt your pet. Also, ensure you never inadvertently lock him in any room or leave him unattended in any new place. This can cause your pet to become scared and feel lonely, bringing separation anxiety back with a bang. It can dent his ability to be independent.

Socialize Your Dog

Much like humans, dogs too require to flex their social skills to make them feel confident and independent. Enrol your dog for pet picnics or community pet excursions that involve both of you and a bunch of other pets and humans from the neighbourhood. Set up play dates involving friends with pets so your dog gets used to being around other dogs. Get a few dog walkers on board now and then so your furry friend learns to enjoy the company of other humans besides you and your family. Help your dog become more social while at the same time giving them the assurance that at the end of the day they also return to you. This helps them become more independent and assured beings.

Bring Home A Smart Pet Camera

Pet cameras are great gifts of modern technology for pet parenting. Most pet parents know that just the sound of their voice brings joy to a dog, even if the dog can’t see their human just as yet. These devices enable 2-way communication between pet parents and pets when you are away, thus calming their nerves and effectively fighting separation anxiety. What’s more, these smart pet cameras also throw out dog treats now and then, giving your dog something to look forward to while you are away. Besides all of this, it also ensures you get a live feed of your dog’s whereabouts and their safety while you are away, helping you shape a more confident and independent pet.

Wrap Up

We hope the above tips are useful in making your dog confident and independent!

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