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November 30
00:44 2022 Discusses How Uninsured Californians Can Get Healthcare

More Californians than ever have been able to obtain health insurance and start getting the care they need in recent years. Unfortunately, though, 7.5% of the state’s residents are still going without health insurance. That amounts to millions of people at a time when any one person going without care is unacceptable. Read on to find out what uninsured Californians can do to start getting the medical evaluations and treatments they need.

State Health Insurance

Medi-Cal is the state’s public health insurance option for low-income Californians. The system allows families and individuals who fall under the income threshold to receive health care, plus basic dental and vision services, at a low cost or for free. People who want to apply for the program can go right here. As long as they meet one or more of the following eligibility requirements, they should be able to get health insurance through the state of California.

Income that’s no more than 138% of the poverty level

Temporary or permanent disability, including blindness

Are 65 years of age or older

Pregnant or a caretaker of an eligible child

Living in a skilled nursing home

Have been screened for breast and cervical cancer

People who are enrolled in another state assistance program may also be eligible to receive Medi-Cal benefits. Those programs may include CalFresh, SSI/SSP, CalWorks, Refugee Assistance, adoption assistance, or foster care programs. According to, nearly all low-income Californians can get state-sponsored health insurance.

Covered California

California residents who do not meet the eligibility requirements for Medi-Cal still have options for getting low-cost or no-cost insurance. Covered California is a program designed to meet the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act standards. It provides financial help for those who want to purchase private health insurance plans but can’t afford the premiums. Plans are available to eligible applicants.

Free Clinics

Although Californians have more options than ever when finding low-cost or no-cost insurance, some still prefer not to apply. Uninsured kids will still receive Covid vaccines for free after shots move to commercial market, and people of all ages can still find free or low-cost healthcare clinics across the state. It’s always best to call ahead before going to a clinic. Some are designed to serve specific populations, such as children or the homeless.

Ask for Help

There’s no reason for people who are having trouble navigating California’s complex health insurance system to go without the care they need. It’s often possible to get help with understanding options and submitting applications through healthcare networks like IEHP. These providers don’t issue health insurance or act as free clinics, themselves, but they may have case workers and other resources available.

No One Should Go Without Medical Care

No one in California should go without the care they need due to being uninsured or underinsured. Resources are available for children, families, individuals, and the undocumented. It’s just a matter of finding the right ones. When in doubt, reach out to a local organization for help.


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