FromOlly Launching the World’s First Perpetual Pet Collar with Tracking, Health, Sleep, and Virtual Fencing—and It Never Needs to be Charged

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FromOlly Launching the World’s First Perpetual Pet Collar with Tracking, Health, Sleep, and Virtual Fencing—and It Never Needs to be Charged

February 16
23:06 2023
Pet lovers should take notice of a new innovative products by FromOlly. The company recently announced its flagship product, Olly’s Collar and Collar PRO, would begin shipping in the summer of 2023. The company is offering significant savings to those who pre-order to celebrate the launch.

FromOlly announced the release of the last pet collar owners will ever need. Utilizing the latest tech, designers built everything pet owners need into one device that never needs to be charged. From monitoring a pet’s health to maintaining a virtual fence border, FromOlly has it covered. 

“The problem with most of the pet gadgets is that they need to be charged regularly, most on a daily basis,” FromOlly founders said. “We’ve designed the perpetual pet collar. Install and forget recharging. Welcome to the next generation of pet gear.”

Developing the best possible product

After wasting time searching for a product for their pets, Olly and Max, the company’s founders shifted their attention toward creating the product they wanted. After a year of development, the results have been revealed. Using the latest photovoltaic technology, FromOlly collars recharge up to 20 times faster than they consume energy and are fully self-sustained even in an entirely indoor setting. With four concurrent pet tracking satellites, these pet collars offer accurate tracking, navigation, geofencing, and more.

FromOlly collars also track sleep, health, calorie intake, and vocalization information, reporting through the app to keep owners informed of any changes in their pets. Design virtual fences in the app and program customizable warnings to train pets away from the boundaries. 

Olly’s Collar 

–  Virtual Fences
–  Accurate Pet Tracking
–  No need to remove and charge
–  Sim card slot works with any provider
–  Monitor health, sleep, and calorie intake
–  Three sizes and five colors available—fits pets from small cats to large dogs
–  Over 100 haptic and sound cues owners can use to train pets, and LED lights that help spot lost pets at night.
–  Customized accessories
–  FromOlly app on iOS or Android
Pre-order Olly’s Collar at $499, standard price of $799

Collar PRO

–  All the features of Olly’s Collar, plus:
–  1.25 inch wide compared to the .75 inch Olly’s Collar.
–  RTK CmGPS accurate down to the centimeter and advanced tracking features
–  Satcom and cellular communication to find lost pets anywhere
–  Stronger haptics to stand up to the biggest pets
–  Titanium leash holder able to withstand up to 400 pounds of pulling force
–  Pre-order Collar PRO at $999, standard price of $1499

Benefits of pre-ordering

Early adopters who pre-order the Olly’s Collar or Collar PRO can save up to 33% off the standard retail price. The pre-order package also comes with three months of subscription service included with the purchase. Five lucky Olly’s Collar purchases will receive a free upgrade to the Collar PRO Bespoke.


Visit the FromOlly website to learn more about the company’s innovative pet products and methods to help owners provide the best care possible to their furry friends. Fill out the contact form to connect with Team FromOlly.

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