What are the current types of gigabit optical modules?

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What are the current types of gigabit optical modules?

March 24
15:14 2023

According to different application scenarios, gigabit optical modules include FTTH broadband access network in residential areas, enterprise high-speed optical fiber LAN, highly reliable industrial distributed control system (DCS), optical fiber digital video monitoring network, hospital high-speed optical fiber LAN, campus network, etc. It can be divided into SPF gigabit electrical port optical module, BIDI SFP gigabit optical module, CWDM SFP gigabit optical module, DWDNM SFP gigabit optical module.

And how does the gigabit optical module match with the switch?

For the switch, the optical port of the frame switch can generally support the use of gigabit optical module for the 10-gigabit optical port, and the use of 100-gigabit optical module for the gigabit interface. This is the use of speed reduction. However, the uplink optical port of the box switch does not support the above speed reduction, and the downlink optical port can support the above speed reduction under normal conditions. However, it is generally not recommended to reduce the speed of light port. Therefore, the combination of gigabit optical module and gigabit switch is the best choice in the market at present.

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