The Basic Introduction Of Olt, The Article Will Tell What Olt Is

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The Basic Introduction Of Olt, The Article Will Tell What Olt Is

March 24
15:19 2023

OLT is an optical line terminal, which refers to a terminal equipment used to link optical fiber trunk lines. OLT equipment is also the most important office equipment, and is a very important equipment in network use.

At present, our company produces: rack OLT, compact OLT, desktop OLT, and box OLT.

As for the functions of OLT equipment, you must also want to know. Next, let’s also talk about the relevant functions of OLT equipment: OLT equipment sends Ethernet data to ONU in the form of broadcast and can allocate bandwidth for ONU; That is to control the start time of the data sent by the ONU and the size of the relevant window.

In addition to providing the function of business aggregation, OLT equipment is also a network platform for centralized management. On the OLT device, device-based network element management and business-based security management and configuration management can be realized. It can not only monitor and manage devices and ports, but also conduct service opening and user status monitoring, and can also allocate bandwidth according to the QoS/SLA requirements of different users.

At present, our 4-port OLT/6-port OLT/8-port OLT/EPON 4-port OLT are our hot products. If you want to know more about OLT equipment, please contact us on the home page!

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