Ivy Lounge Test Prep releases “ACT, SAT… or dSAT (Digital SAT)?” quiz

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Ivy Lounge Test Prep releases “ACT, SAT… or dSAT (Digital SAT)?” quiz

April 14
17:54 2023
Free quiz helps students figure out which test will optimize their chances of getting into their dream college

Have you heard the news? The paper-and-pencil SAT will soon be discontinued! In less than a year, students will be taking a new, completely Digital SAT (dSAT). But it isn’t just the medium of the test that will change for everyone in March 2024. In addition to shifting the test from paper- to computer-based, the Digital SAT will have a different structure and content from those of the current, paper SAT.

These major changes mean that the Digital SAT will speak more to some students’ strengths….while other students would get a higher score by taking the current version. And to make matters even more confusing for current high schoolers, the dSAT is not being rolled out at the same time for everyone. Students outside the U.S. and its territories, for instance, have already begun taking the Digital SAT—but the transition won’t happen in America until December 2023.

Studying for the ACT, SAT, or Digital SAT can take months, if not years—so, many students may be wondering, “How can I start preparing if I’m not even sure which test to take?”

Enter Ivy Lounge Test Prep®, a New York City-based tutoring company that helps high schoolers snag the high standardized test scores—and college admissions letters—of their dreams. Ivy Lounge Test Prep has just released a free quiz called ACT, SAT…dSAT (Digital SAT)? to help students figure out which exam they can and should take in order to maximize their score….and their chances at a “yes” from their top-choice colleges.

This detailed quiz takes into account students’ location, class year, learning differences, and other information, and tells them which test is likely to be the best one for them. Additionally, after taking the quiz, the student will receive five tailor-made emails (based on their personal results) as a follow-up, walking them through the process of exactly how to choose among the tests with certainty—and, then, what their first steps should be to start their test prep.

“If you create a foolproof test prep plan first—by actually picking the right test for you from the beginning, and then focusing on the exact strategies and concepts that will give you the most points with the least amount of effort—you’ll not only save yourself a massive amount of time, energy, and money,” says Ivy Lounge Test Prep® founder Kristina Semos. “You’ll also avoid the burnout—and resultant hit to your applications—that many high schoolers unfortunately experience during the college admissions process.”

Interested students (and parents) can visit https://www.ivyloungetestprep.com to take the quiz, learn about SAT/dSAT/ACT and college essay tutoring services, and access expert articles, ebooks, and online courses.

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Ivy Lounge Test Prep helps high schoolers get into the colleges of their dreams…without losing their minds in the process.

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